The DC Morning – 9/22/10

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1.) Dianne Feinstein does not like to make important decisions if there are going to be consequences — “I don’t know who takes a tax vote in their right mind just before an election,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein told The Daily Caller’s Chris Moody on Tuesday. “But that’s just me.” No, it is not just you, Ms. Feinstein! This is the season of our discontent, and everybody has a vote she/he would like prolonged until after November, when voters will have to wait six more years to punish him/her for lying. In this case, Democrats are putting off voting to rob some taxpayers worse than they rob other taxpayers. The logic, which doesn’t really sound all that good during campaign season, is that some people have so much stuff already that forcefully taking it from them and pissing it away on stimulating the economy or propping up public pensions is A-OK. Luckily for the senior senator from California, her head won’t be back on the chopping block until 2012. If she could just keep from voting until then, she’d have nothing to apologize for.

2.) Disenchanted voters cower in fear after Obama says, ‘We’ve got more work to do’ — After 19 months of economic butt-hurt, are the rubes willing to get out and vote? Dems sure think so: “Democratic leaders are pushing issues that resonate with their constituencies, from trying to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military to allowing thousands of young illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military to become legal U.S. residents.” Because there is no better time to put these issues up to a vote than 22 months after you first promised to make these issues a top priority! Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s impeccable timing on these bills, “a recent Gallup poll shows that among self-identified members of each party, 47 percent of Republicans say they were very enthusiastic about voting while 28 percent of Democrats say the same. Republicans also now have a 55 percent to 33 percent advantage among independent voters.” According to the AP, Senate Democrats’ half-hearted attempt to do something something immigration blah blah gays “sent a message to [the] rank and file: We’re working for you, now work for us.” Up next: The rank and file send a message to Washington: Spent two commercial breaks looking for my voter registration card. Think I threw it away. Your turn.

3.) Pres. Obama is the only person left who loves Obamacare anymore — “President Barack Obama once told Democratic lawmakers they’d be proud to campaign on historic health care legislation,” reports the AP. “Six months later, the only Democrats running ads about it are the ones who voted ‘no’.” In an effort to turn this glacier into a party-time ice luge, the White House “is preparing to use the law’s six-month anniversary to reintroduce it to skeptical voters and trumpet new reforms that are taking effect, such as new coverage for preventive care and young adults and a ban on canceling insurance for someone who falls ill.” But the campaign may be wasted on ungrateful voters who do not love being treated like idiot children, reports the AP. “Even supporters acknowledge there’s probably not enough time to turn around public opinion on the health care issue before November elections that are expected to punish Democrats.”

4.) America’s public school children are doomed — “A three-year study of math teachers in Nashville has found that offering bonuses of up to $15,000 did not raise student test scores,” reports USA Today. “The study, conducted with the Rand Corp., tracked 296 middle-school math teachers from 2006 to 2009. The results show that merit pay isn’t ‘the magic bullet that so often the policy world is looking for,’ said Matthew Springer, director of the federally funded center at the university.” Well, that’s it. Might as well get these kids back into the factories while their fingers are still nimble.

5.) Premiums are going up — Tomorrow, countless children across the country with expensive diseases will be able to get insurance under Obamacare. Their parents, however, still might not be able to afford it. “The consumer protections will not be free. Premiums will go up for everyone,” reports ABC’s Jake Tapper. How much more can parents expect to pay under a system that forces insurance companies to dole out money to sick tykes without adding anymore healthy, premium-paying folks to their rosters? Gosh. Who knows! “The way high-risk pools are implemented varies from state to state, for example, as do the limits on how much insurance companies can raise their premiums,” writes Tapper. According to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who all of a sudden can tell the difference between her brain and a shriveled deer turd, said, “The impact is likely to be fairly small — 1 percent to 2 percent — in terms of an overall premium impact.” And if it’s not fairly small, the government will make it fairly small.

6.) New rule, says conservative writer: No proposing tax cuts without spending cuts — “The Republicans’ recent argument, which goes, roughly, ‘JFK Was One of Us When It Comes to Taxes, Yee-Haw!’ is mostly right — and that is a bad thing,” writes National Review’s Kevin Williamson. “Tax cuts as economic stimulus for the most part amounts to short-term, naïve Keynesian claptrap — especially when the proposal is for temporary or one-time tax cuts. What’s the difference between a tax-cut stimulus and a spending stimulus? Some efficiency, sure, less rent-seeking and pork-barreling, no doubt. But if we cut taxes without cutting spending, we are not cutting taxes. We are deferring taxes. Taxes are not the problem; spending is the problem. Taxes are a symptom.” Just brutal.

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