The DC Morning – 9/29/10

1.) Race to the Dump 2010: Chris Coons is a man, not an animal; Linda McMahon might actually win; Alan Grayson could very well lose — While there are more than three Congressional races going on in America right now, hearing about more than three at a time could inspire you to drive your Segway off a cliff. So, three it is: “Much has been made since [Delaware Sen. candidate Chris Coons]— a state coordinator for Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000 — was called ‘my pet… my favorite candidate,’ by Democratic Sen. Harry Reid when Coons’ campaign was reinvigorated by poll numbers showing him leading O’Donnell after her primary victory,” writes The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas. Coons has since taken to asserting, at every opportunity, that he is a man, not a frou-frou dog on Harry Reid’s lap. “On a recent TV appearance, Coons responded by saying he’s ‘no one’s pet’ and will be ‘an independent voice in the United States Senate,'” reports Pappas, who also notes that in Delaware, being an “independent voice” means increasing spending and raising taxes. More election news: Alan Grayson suffers blowback from dishonest Taliban ad, falls in the polls; Linda McMahon victory could deliver control of Senate to the GOP.

2.) Obama White House run by actual giant babies — There really is no other reasonable explanation for the White House’s recent remarks about the 4th Estate. Politico has a collection of the White House’s lamerisms, starting with deputy press secretary Bill Burton’s Crisco-laden handjob to the nutters at MSNBC: “If you’re on the left, if you’re somebody like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or one of the folks who helps to keep our government honest and pushes and prods to make sure that folks are true to progressive values, then [the president] thinks that those folks provide an invaluable service.” This, after Pres. Obama slammed FOX News in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, which, it should be noted, did not endorse political candidates EVER until 2008, when it fell head-over-heels for a mysterious young senator from Chicago named Barry. The folks who Burton does not see as providing a valuable service are those in the “professional left,” who are “angry” that Obama is not “sticking to his promises” of “optioning the public” and “letting the gays wear camo” and even “attempting to keep a promise.”

3.) Lefty coalition begins to unravel over Waxman’s net neutrality bill — Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, Rep. Henry Waxman’s office leaks a net neutrality bill. Surprisingly, it is not that bad. Slightly left-of-center Dems, labor groups, and ISPs are all equally unhappy but also equally relieved. While no one has toasted the bill in public just yet, word has it that the Open Internet Coalition, the leading alliance of Internet companies and dog-poo crazy leftists (like Free Press and Public Knowledge) pushing net neutrality, may be unraveling. According to The Hill, “Several people with knowledge of the group said leading voices in the Open Internet Coalition (OIC) hoped to support the bill as it was developed this month, but a lack of consensus was clear as the latest drafts arose. As of Tuesday night, the coalition had decided that it is not supporting or working against the legislation.” Nerdlock!

4.) Famous camping activist joins 9/11 Truth movement — Liberal activist Cindy Sheehan, once famous for camping out at Bush’s Crawford, Tx, ranch in order to exploit her son’s death in Iraq, has moved on from crashing Washington events and calling for peace to making a mockery of the sacrifices of American troops. Earlier this month, Sheehan accused the Bush administration of organizing the attack on the World Trade Center. “I am a 9/11 Truther,” Sheehan told a church crowd on New York’s Upper East Side. “I do think it was an inside job…We just don’t know – I don’t know – how far inside it went. But, you know, I’m sure Dick Cheney had something to do with it.” Sheehan joins a long list of idiot activists who believe the Bush administration “staged” 9/11 to create an excuse for invading the shit-hole that is Afghanistan. This list includes such esteemed thinkers as Jesse Ventura, Charlie Sheen, and that girl in your remedial math class who prints out Wikipedia articles and puts them in a binder covered in cat stickers.

5.) Nancy Pelosi’s ethics reforms are HILARIOUS — “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised four years ago that Democrats would lead ‘the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history,'” reports the AP. “But as her party defends its record with its majority in jeopardy, two prominent Democrats await ethics trials. Two other party members gave Congressional Black Caucus Foundation scholarships to relatives. Most importantly, lobbyists, corporations and special interests still have unimpeded ways to buy access to members of Congress.” Since the passage of Pelosi’s Honest Leadership and Open Government Act in 2007, there have been over 9,500 fundraising events that a stricter ethics law–one with some teeth–might have prevented. Basically, the law is a failure. Arguably, Pelosi is too. For more on how and why, read this.

6.) TNR compares passage of Obamacare to repeal of prohibition — Sure, you could say that “health care distracted from Obama’s message or image of focusing on the economy, while FDR was smart enough to ignore distracting party issues,” writes TNR’s Jonathan Bernstein. “But that’s not true,” he adds. “In fact, what the Democrats did as soon as the they took office was to launch a major campaign on a social issue that had nothing to do with the economy at all, but everything to do with pleasing their urban constituencies. That’s right, one of the very first bills that Roosevelt signed, just days into his presidency, was the repeal of prohibition.” Deep sigh. Yes, alcohol is a “social issue.” But it’s even more of an economic issue, because the repeal of prohibition meant more taxable revenue. Obamacare, on the other hand, cost almost a trillion dollars and is already killing jobs in the insurance industry and medical device manufacturing industry. It would make more sense, then, to compare the repeal of alcohol prohibition to efforts like Prop. 19 in California. I mean, if we’re talking economics, here’s a just-released white paper from CATO arguing that legalization could create more than $40 billion in taxes annually. Tax the junkies for 20 years, and you’ve paid for Obamacare!

Julia McClatchy (admin)