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Gloria Allred makes accusation against California Republican gubernatorial candidate on eve of election

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I realize I need to be more specific. After trying and failing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, this time Allred is striking at Meg Whitman. Associated Press:

The Republican candidate for California governor Wednesday denied allegations that she knew for years her housekeeper was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, and that she ignored warnings from the government that her employee might have dubious legal status in the U.S.

For a candidate who has called for tougher sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers, the allegations, if proven, could undercut her credibility just weeks before election day and damage her image, particularly with Hispanics she has pursued for months.

Gloria Allred, a Los Angeles attorney who represents Whitman’s former maid, Nicky Diaz Santillan, said she would release evidence Thursday showing Whitman was aware of the maid’s illegal status as far back as 2003, a claim Whitman denies…

Specifically, Whitman disputes that she received a 2003 letter from the Social Security Administration that said the Social Security number provided by the housekeeper did not match the name on file.

Here are the California driver’s license and Social Security card that Santillan submitted when she applied for the job in 2000 (courtesy of TMZ):

So Whitman is accused of… wait, what? Whitman didn’t know Santillan was here illegally when she hired her, and supposedly she found out a few years later — based on a letter from the SSA that Allred has yet to provide — but didn’t fire her until 2009? Which would mean… I’m not sure. There’s no proof Whitman did anything wrong, other than being rich enough to afford to give someone else a paying job.

But of course, that doesn’t matter. The point is to put “Meg Whitman” and “illegal immigrant” in the same headline. As the AP points out:

The timing of the allegations, the lack of documentation to support the claims and Allred’s Democratic ties left her open to questions about motive in the dead-heat race. Allred once gave money to Whitman’s opponent, Democrat Jerry Brown, was [sic] she was a Hillary Rodham Clinton delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

And of course, what good are cameras if Gloria Allred isn’t in front of them?

Be sure to check out Hugh Hewitt’s delightful interview with Allred. I don’t listen to Hewitt that often, but the guy is a master of the hostile-yet-civil interview. He puts Allred on the ropes from “Hello” and keeps her there, pummeling her with roundhouse facts and valid-question jabs until she throws in the towel. (That was my attempt at a boxing metaphor. I’ve seen most of the Rocky movies.)

All across the country, Democrats are taking boring elections and making them enjoyable, because it’s fun to watch desperate people panic when they realize what they’ve done to themselves by screwing over the rest of us. Thanks, Democrats!

P.S. Allred tells George Stephanopoulos she’s got the letter and will produce it today. Nothing like a nice game of Chicken.

P.P.S. Commenter Pablo asks: “Allred has the letter from the SSA? Did she get it from Nicky Santillan? I wonder who it was it that brought the mail in at Whitman’s house? The housekeeper, maybe?”

P.P.P.S. Aren’t October Surprises supposed to happen in, y’know, October?

Jim Treacher