Murdoch says immigration overhaul would help economy

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News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch urged U.S. lawmakers to get behind an overhaul of immigration law that includes a way for undocumented workers to get legal status, saying such a plan would help the economy.

“America is desperately in need of improving our country’s human capital,” Murdoch told a House Judiciary subcommittee today in Washington. “We want to bring an end to the arbitrary immigration and visa quotas that make it impossible to fill the labor and skill needs of our country.”

Murdoch was joined by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of his partners in an effort by business and public officials to build momentum for the first broad rewrite of immigration laws since 1986. Democrats in Congress abandoned efforts to enact an overhaul this year, determining they couldn’t get enough support to overcome delaying tactics by Senate Republican opponents.

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