Will Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling) make a comeback?

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Don’t put away your Nimbus 2000 just yet! Muggles worldwide have a new sense of hope after J.K. Rowling’s “Oprah” interview. According to the Associated Press, on Friday’s show the author told Oprah that Harry and his friends  “could definitely” find themselves in new adventures sometime in the future, however she is not currently working on any Potter books.

Rowling’s stories of the young wizard’s ongoing fight to bring down the evil Lord Voldemort have entranced millions of readers worldwide. With seven books in the best-selling series and a seventh movie installment premiering in November, the writer sits comfortably on the top spot of Forbes list of richest British women. This might sound like a charmed life, but as Rowling tells Oprah the  pressure she experienced when writing the series left her “barely hanging by a thread.”

Here’s hoping that she decides to bring Harry back, we just have one request of Ms. Rowling… Please, no vampires!