TheDC Fantasy Outsider: Week 4

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Welcome to the Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 4. Please feel free to contact us with any specific line-up questions or general thoughts on the rankings.


1. Manning
2. Rivers
3. Rodgers
4. Ryan
5. McNabb
6. Vick
7. Eli
8. Orton
9. Fitzpatrick
10. Schaub
11. Gradkowski
12. Brees
13. Brady
14. Henne
15. V Young
16. S Bradford
17. Hasselbeck
18. Cutler
19. Alex Smith
20. D Anderson


– Manning, Rivers and Rodgers, all have great match-ups and they are great QBs.

– I think SF slows down Michael Turner leading to a big week for Matt Ryan.

– Ryan Fitzpatrick and Buff stunned NE last week with their prolific offense – I think they may do better against the Jets D this week than most expect.

– I expect Eli and the Giants to bounce back this week. They’ve looked really bad so far, but they do have some talent.

– If Houston’s defense focuses on stopping McFadden, which they probably should – Bruce Gradkowski might be able to air it out against a weak Hou pass defense.

Running Backs
1. C Johnson
2. MJD
3. L McCoy
4. McFadden
5. Hillis
6. Bradshaw
7. Benson
8. Mendenhall
9. Gore
10. A Foster
11. Addai
12. Wells
13. Turner
14. Mathews
15. Forsett
16. Forte
17. B Jackson
18. M Lynch
19. C Ivory
20. R Brown


– I’m thinking Phil may opt to run the ball a bunch Sunday. The Redskins may be geared up for the Vick Show, but Reid may instead offer up a heavy dose of McCoy.
– Not sure why Hillis isn’t ranked higher in other rankings after torching a tough Balt D last week.
– Bradshaw could go off this week – he needs to and the Giants need him
– Could this be Ryan Mathews first huge game? Yes.
– Watch for Chris Ivory getting serious PT this week against Carolina. The guy can play.
– Addai has been quiet this year – not this week.
– B Jackson has been heavily criticized for doing little as the replacement for Ryan Grant. Against a questionable Lions’ D, He’ll get some stats this weekend.
– If Steven Jackson is healthy and plays, he’d be top 5.