Skype expands to all Android 2.1 models

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Skype on Tuesday released Skype for Android, a full client for Android 2.1 Eclair devices that offers VoIP calling over Wi-Fi and 3G (though not in the U.S.). The application is a free download from the Android Market.

With it, Android users can make free Skype-to-Skype calls around the globe, low-cost Skype-to-landline/mobile numbers, and send and receive instant messages to Skype contacts.

The application will sync users’ native Android contacts with their Skype contacts, allowing for Skype calls to be made directly from the Android address book. This gives users the flexibility to access all their contacts’ info from either address book.

Last users, will be able to receive calls to their Skype number. The application works over Wi-Fi networks with ease, and over 3G networks outside the U.S. Why U.S. carriers aren’t allowing calls over their 3G networks has not been explained. The Verizon version of Skype actually forces calls to pass through Verizon’s voice network, and not its 3G data network.

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