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Female political candidate haunted by past actions in front of a camera

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And this time it’s not Christine O’Donnell.

The young lady is currently a Virginia Democratic congressional candidate. The young fellow is her then-husband, and yes, he’s wearing some sort of Rudolph the Red-Dildoed Reindeer costume. She certainly seems to enjoy it. This picture and several others like it were taken 6 years ago, when she was just 22, and have now surfaced.

The best part is her name: Krystal Ball. When she posed for those pics, she sure did a crappy job of predicting the future.

And no, the embarrassing behavior of a woman in her 20s shouldn’t really matter to her subsequent political aspirations. Unless she’s a Republican and says something about witchcraft, of course!

P.S. Commenter windrdr: “If she were truly qualified we’d have no idea what was on his nose.”

Jim Treacher