Rand Paul makes appearance at Machine Gun Rally, says 2nd amendment fight still not over despite recent victories

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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BULLITT County, Ky. –Rand Paul said he has nothing to apologize about and neither do the folks who turned up for what’s being billed as the world’s biggest machine gun shoot just outside Louisville, Ky.

The senatorial candidate made a stop at the bi-annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, making a quick speech and talking to supporters.

“I don’t have to apologize for supporting the second amendment. I support it and will continue to support it no matter what the liberals say,” Paul declared.

“The president says that you’re out here in the middle of the country clinging to your guns and ammunition. What I tell the President is, ‘we’re clinging to our guns, our religions and our ammunition,’ said Rand, referring to then-candidate Obama’s much-condemned 2008 statement.

While the Supreme Court has affirmed individual gun rights in two recent decisions – in the 2008 Heller v. D.C. case, as well as the McDonald v. Chicago decision this past June — Rand warned that the battle is hardly over.

Democrats still favor greater regulation of firearms, said Rand. “People sense it viscerally and they know it,” he told The Daily Caller.

Both Rand and Jack Conway, his opponent in the race to succeed Jim Bunning, have received ‘A’ ratings from the NRA, yet Rand told TheDC that only he will receive the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, which is expected next week. Moreover, Rand says his opponent hasn’t always been a defender of the Second Amendment. “He was originally, much more in favor of federal regulation of all kinds of firearms,” said Rand. “It’s sort of the difference between someone who might be ambivalent, [who] might oppose his party, to someone who will be a vocal champion.”

As he travels the state giving speeches, Rand says one of his most popular proposals is a waiting period on all federal legislation: one day for every 20 pages. “We do need to slow down, read the bill,” Rand told TheDC. “People in the Tea Party are worried about earmarks that are put on by clerks in the dead of night.

They want to make us wait to buy a gun, I tell them they need to wait to pass legislation.”

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