It’s kids’ play at the bi-annual Knob Creek shoot in Kentucky

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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BULLITT County, Ky. – The machine gone shoot this weekend isn’t all about the adults — there’s really fun for the whole family. Apart from the live music and cotton candy, there were plenty of pint-sized weapons and toys for the kids (or more squeamish adults).

There were blowguns and mini cross bows. And then there were the airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns have been criticized in the past few years for their incredible likeness to real thing, except of course, the bright orange tip.The toy gun shoots a hollow, plastic pellets. Operating usually with a spring mechanism or a battery powered source, the guns are pretty fun toy.

Airsoft designers have taken pains to make the replicas as varied and detailed as the real thing. You can find a toy M4 3181 Rifle with a grenade launcher, a bolt-action sniper and a tactical M515 pump action shotgun. Wooho!

So while other merchants totted heavy artillery and state-of-the-art firepower, one merchant at the machine gun shoot dealt in plastics.