Meek hints Crist should drop out

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek on Monday suggested that, if anybody should drop out of the Florida Senate race, it should be Independent Charlie Crist.

Last week, a Wall Street Journal article said pressure on Meek is mounting to drop out of the race in order to give Crist, the current governor who became an independent after losing the Republican primary, a path to beat GOP candidate Marco Rubio.

Meek on Monday left no doubt that he intends to stay in the race until the end and instead hinted that Crist should give some thought to bowing out.

“I am nominated by hundreds of thousands of voters in this state,” Meek said on MSNBC. “Charlie Crist walked down to the supervisor of elections office, became an independent because he wanted to get out of the kitchen with Marco Rubio. He had his chance to win.”

When pressed if he thinks Crist should drop out, Meek only said that is “up to the governor.”

“I mean, I can live within my skin and I can stand on my two feet saying that I have done everything that I was supposed to do,” the Democrat added.

Meek’s campaign said the candidate’s statement was not a call on Crist to drop out but acknowledged it could be seen as such.

Crist’s camp did not respond to a request for comment.