Breaking point

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Art Robinson, a decent, accomplished American who also happens to be a brilliant scientist and is running for Congress in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District against liberal Congressman Peter DeFazio, probably wishes he could have twenty minutes of his life back. That was the time he spent on an MSNBC show last week, hosted by someone named Rachel Maddow.

We hate wasting print explaining who an MSNBC host is, but since more people are listening in on a cordless phone conversation than have ever watched her show, we must explain that Rachel Maddow is a pinhead.  And, if anyone had ever seen her show, they’d know that — much like the rest of the hosts on MSNBC — her synapses are firing like peanut butter [Note to Liberals — who generally eschew both guns and peanut butter — that means: SLOW].

Typically, Maddow avoids having bright people on the air; who needs spirited debate, when you can, instead, cull your guests from a vast and vapid pool of fellow believers?

But, since Democrats and the White House are trying to gin up outrage about groups of Americans pooling their resources to try and seize their country back from the Radical Left, Maddow had Art Robinson on to try and embarrass him over some group that spent $150,000 to attack his opponent — the liberal Congressman Pete DeFazio — and thereby help elect Art Robinson.

Not that we are encouraging you to waste your time watching it — as we did — but if you pulled up the clip on YouTube, you’d swear that Maddow, in all her manufactured huff over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, looked just like the Mike Meyers’ character, Dr. Evil, when he wields lip to pinky to breathlessly threaten the immediate destruction of the entire world, unless he receive the “sum of…one million dollars.” Hilarious.

Now, wait a minute…Where, exactly, was this sensitive plant — and where were all her whiny, outraged media friends — when their savior, Obama, raised hundreds of millions of dollars from dubious sources, including the foreign terrorist group, Hamas? If they’d made a collective gasp, we assume we would have heard it, given their over-representation on the airwaves.

Another Maddow objective that failed was to rebunk the manufactured, and now thoroughly discredited, man-made global warming hoax.  Only the most hearty anti-corporate, anti-development, anti-progress types — and morons — buy into this silly notion anymore. It was the fool’s gold of the green movement, and it’s unbelievable that Maddow and the Left still cling to voodoo notions of global warming the way she likely clings to her disco shoes and leisure suits.  Robinson, of course, was one of the lead scientists to debunk global warming.

What is even more outrageous is how MSNBC is attacking real Americans on behalf of an anti-American president who is trying to spread this notion that Americans taking back their country are being backed by foreign money. Laughable on the face of it, since Obama has been the best gift we have ever given the enemies of America.

Obama is out peddling this idea that “foreign interests” are backing the pro-America Tea Party movement here. He attacked Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Koch Brothers from Wichita, Kansas, for running ads promoting freedom; unfortunately, freedom is Obama’s real enemy.

This is the same Obama that, to this day, refuses to disclose his own donors from his presidential campaign. Obama refuses to disclose hundreds of millions of dollars, some of which we know came from the foreign terrorist group, Hamas, which also publicly endorsed him for president.

Let there be no mistake: The Koch brothers are more American than Obama. In fact, instead of attacking them, he ought to be asking their advice about how to create some jobs.

Scott Wheeler is a former investigative journalist, the Founder and Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC, and the creator of an explosive new documentary on Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Buckley Carlson is a Washington-based writer, patriot, and reluctant taxpayer.