Anti-Semitic graffiti directed at Maine Republican, but the press could care less

Tim Daniel Contributor
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Ever since the birth and subsequent ascension of the Tea Party movement, the so-called mainstream press and their allies in the Democratic Party have pulled no punches in the racial-smear playbook. And as the Democratic-statist agenda has met ever-increasing public backlash, such smears have taken place almost daily.

As an example, perform the Google search “tea party racism.” You will receive 1,520,000 results.

One of the clearest examples of this racial smear tactic took place earlier this year when several members of the Congressional Black Caucus paraded through a Tea Party protest on Capitol Hill, just before the vote on the health care takeover bill. Representative John Lewis claimed that the N-word was directed towards the African Americans in the group and evidence notwithstanding, the New York Times ran disparaging daily coverage of the incident.

Only to retract the story five months later.

Yes, five months after the Times-inspired story had been repeated across all levels of new and old media, the Times editorial powers-that-be begrudgingly admitted that the N-word accusation was false.

I mention this today not only to give an example of the laziness and ideological activism of the fourth estate but to point the reader to a recent example of true bigotry that has been all but ignored by the national discourse king-makers.

Last week, an individual or group vandalized the campaign sign of Republican state Senate candidate and Augusta, Maine mayor Roger Katz.

Anti-Semitic slurs appeared on the “Katz Senate” sign including “JEW Pig” and “JEW ZOG.” “ZOG” stands for “Zionist Occupation Government,” an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. (See picture below)

The sleepy, picturesque town was clearly distraught by the incident. As Katz told Maine’s CBS 13 last week, “It really makes me sad. I grew up in this community and this is completely unrepresentative of anything I have ever known growing up here. I’ve had so many calls from people of all faiths with support. I feel good about that.”

Augusta Police Lieutenant Kevin Lully, mirroring the mayor’s gracious tone, said, “We like to think of Augusta as a small, hometown location…hopefully it is an isolated incident.”

Since possible violations of the Maine Civil Rights Act may be in play, the Augusta Police Department handed off the case to Maine’s Attorney General’s Office.

But where is the media?

Astonishingly mainstream press coverage of the incendiary anti-Semitic slurs is nonexistent, aside from a brief mention in the Portland Press Herald and on Maine’s CBS 13.

Why is this?

Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican points us to the reason:

“Katz is a popular four-term fiscal conservative mayor. He’s also a respected lawyer, prominent community patron, and ironically, a benefactor of the Maine Holocaust and Human Rights Center (pdf).”

Roger Katz is a Republican and a conservative; therefore, the mainstream press could care less.

I can’t think of a more shocking and disgusting example of liberal media bias.

For more details and updates on the Roger Katz story please visit the Left Coast Rebel post that this article is based on.

Tim Daniel is a small business owner and entrepreneur who currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife and lovely cat. He is editor in chief of the southern California-based Left Coast Rebel blog.