Democrats try to run against Sarah Palin already

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Democrats can’t seem to wait for Sarah Palin to be back on a ballot.

They are hoping to gain an advantage in tough races by tying GOP candidates to the former Alaska governor, who is not polling well with anybody but Republicans.

“Make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin is basically running for Congress this year,” says a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising e-mail sent out Wednesday. It is signed by former Clinton adviser and current talking head Paul Begala.

“Her name might not appear on any ballot but Palin-endorsed Republican clones are running,” Begala claims.

Democrats are attempting a strategy that appears to pay dividends for Republicans. GOP candidates have been trying to link conservative Democrats to the policies of President Barack Obama, especially in red states like in West Virginia.

On paper, it seems that targeting Palin could work. Though very popular with Republicans, especially tea party backers, she is not well liked by independents and Democrats. A recent CBS News poll shows that Palin 44 percent of independents are viewing her unfavorably while only 21 percent have a favorable view of her.

Individual candidates are also targeting Palin. Richard Blumenthal’s campaign in Connecticut on Tuesday sent out an e-mail highlighting that his GOP opponent for the state’s open Senate seat is one of
Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies.”

In the California Senate race, a Palin endorsement helped Carly Fiorina win the primary, but her opponent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, has been on the attack ever since. In June, Boxer ran a video ad that showed photos of Palin and Fiorina side by side, and ended with the statement: “Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina. Wrong for California.”

A Field poll released last week shows that 53 percent of Californians are less inclined to vote for a candidate backed by Palin while 21 percent are more inclined to do so.