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Eric Stoltz: the Pete Best of time-travel

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As my long-time reader(s) know, I started off almost 10 years ago as a Back to the Future blogger. My old site, 88smilesperhour.com, is lost to the mists of time, but I still love Marty, Doc Brown, and the rest of the gang. I can’t even stay mad at Biff. Oh, that knucklehead!

One fascinating element of BttF among fans (we call ourselves BttFreaks) is that Marty McFly was originally played by Eric Stoltz. You know, the guy who played that poor lumpy kid in Mask. They filmed with Stoltz in the lead for several weeks, but it just wasn’t working. Over the years, a few stills have leaked of Stoltz as Marty on set, interacting with Doc Brown and George McFly and such, but they’ve never released any footage.

Until now!

(Courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter) It must’ve been tough for Stoltz to lose the role after putting so much work into it, but look at all the stuff he’s done since then. Try to picture Michael J. Fox yelling at John Travolta to stab the syringe through that chick’s sternum. Me, I’m not seeing it. Stand tall, Eric Stoltz. There’s no shame in giving it your best.

Jim Treacher