CNN lets Reid make inaccurate ‘foreign money’ attack in pre-debate questions

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After grilling Sharron Angle on sharia law, her credibility, Bill Clinton questioning her credibility, and privatizing Social Security and Medicare, CNN’s Jessica Yellin interviewed Sen. Harry Reid:

Yellin: I just spoke with Sharron Angle who said the Demcorats’ message has changed from “hope and change” to “fear and smear.” Has your campaign crossed the line?

Harry Reid: I’ve been disappointed, this election cycle, for two main reasons. One is what the Supreme Court did to allow foreign governments, foreign individuals to participate in these nameless, faceless ads. Who knows where they money’s coming from, and they have spent millions of millions of dollars. So, that’s been a disappointment to me.

He goes on to talk about how he’s tried to keep his ads positive, and then moves on to say Sharron Angle is extreme. Despite the fact that President Obama himself has backed off the “foreign money” charge, and many news outlets have declared it inaccurate, evidence-free, and even fear-mongering, Reid deploys it here without a peep of rebuttal from Yellin, who looks as if she wants to ask a question but never does.