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For the first time in recorded history, people are interested in Wolf Blitzer

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If you didn’t watch last night’s debate between Christine O’Donnell and That Other One Who’s Not Christine O’Donnell — which you didn’t, because debates are dull enough already even when they’re not moderated by Wolf Blitzer — here’s a glimpse of what you missed:

You don’t need to be Bill O’Reilly’s body language expert* to notice the subtle cues here:

That’s it, Wolf, literally wag your finger at her. Nobody thinks she can win this thing anyway, so why the hostility? Some might say liberal bias, but maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe it’s because she’s become a national story, and if Wolf Blitzer is openly hostile to her, that’ll make people notice Wolf Blitzer. Which is exceedingly rare, considering his ratings lately. What has he got to lose? Grouchy, glowering old man scolds attractive younger woman, and everybody says, “Oh, so he’s still on TV. Huh.” Call it the Charlie Gibson Gambit.

*No, really, you don’t need to be that. Nobody does.

P.S. I’m being reminded that this is actually the second interesting thing Wolf Blitzer has ever done. Here’s the first:

P.P.S. O’Donnell has raised $4 million since primary

Jim Treacher