For Yankees vs. Rangers, history is now

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ARLINGTON, Texas — This time, there will be very little history tugging at the Yankees, or at the opponent. Eighty-six years’ worth of ghosts? Not this time. Intramural tensions from a tight division race? Nope. The Rays took that home with them. For this American League Championship Series, it all will be about the precious present.

Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia, a pair of bedazzling aces.

Josh Hamilton and Alex Rodriguez, two of the game’s brightest talents.

Joe Girardi and Ron Washington, one postseason veteran and one newbie, one straight-arrow chalupa salesman and one man whose past personal demons add a breath of humanity to his team’s improbable run.

The Yankees and the Rangers, one team with 48 postseason series victories, one with one. One with 27 world championships. One with none.

We aren’t used to a series like this, an important Yankees series with virtually no important links of passion, emotion, anger or history.

But even though the Yankees and the Rangers have met in three past postseasons — with the Yankees winning nine of those 10 games, the last nine in a row — there isn’t a lasting memory from any of it.

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