Obama and Paladino: two peas in a pod

Sam Foster Contributor
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Everything you have heard about Carl Paladino is true and your concerns about him are valid.  However, I’m a bit mystified (not really) at the meme sprouting up in the New York press corps that Paladino is unfit for the role of governor.  Especially since many of Paladino’s positions and antics aren’t all that different from the professorial, brilliant, pragmatic President Barack Obama.  I’ve heard much in the press about our current president, but nothing questioning his fit for the role he currently fills.

How similar are Paladino and Obama?  You be the judge.

Carl Paladino’s anti-brainwashing rhetoric may have alienated the gay community, but Obama’s bowling faux pas wasn’t less offensive.

Their stance on gay marriage?  Identical.

Obama and Carl Paladino have leveled serious accusations at opponents without evidence.

Carl Paladino threatened a reporter, but Obama threatened a whole cable news organization.  In fact, Paladino and Obama have both denounced media bias.  The difference is that the media has admitted it, in the case of Paladino.

Paladino’s business decisions aren’t reflective of his purported social beliefs and Obama’s purported business beliefs aren’t reflective of his bank account.

There are several Paladino problems that are not apparent in Obama and several Obama problems not evidenced by Carl Paladino.  Sadly, the other major concerns regarding Carl Paladino’s character are not that uncommon for your average American.

Nearly one in five Americans cheat on their spouse.

The first round of disgusting emailsA poll found 55% of males have received and forwarded similar internet trash.

The second round of emails100% of men have watched porn.

I’m not defending Carl Paladino.  After all, he has the same poor qualifications of our current president.  However, before the New York press pen Paladino as unfit for governor, they may want to focus on the more pressing issue — namely, that guy currently running the entire country.

Sam Foster is a writer for the blog Left Coast Rebel and editor of Upstate Political Report.