The S.E. Cupp Interview: 8 questions for congressional candidate Charles Lollar

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Charles Lollar is running for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District on the Republican ticket. He is a major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, and serves on the executive board of directors for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. He is looking to unseat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Lollar recently answered 8 questions from The Daily Caller’s S.E. Cupp:

S.E. Cupp (SE):  What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten on the campaign trail?

Charles Lollar (CL):  My own words! I committed to my family to make time for them every day but sadly, that has not always happened. Too often, I only get to see my daughters after they’ve gone to bed.

SE: You’re put in charge of national unemployment. What do you do?

CL: I’d get government out of the way of job creation. I’d stop industry bashing, profit bashing, and playing favorites with the tax code. Companies waste vast amounts of creative talent that is far better applied to products and services, while trying to reduce a tax burden they should not have in the first place. In reality, companies don’t pay taxes, they just collect them for the government in the cost of products sold. We must stop the charade.

SE:  What’s your favorite work of fiction, and why?

CL:  “Cheaper by the Dozen” – I have always liked large families and as a child I often looked forward to a large family of my own and with 4 girls it reminds me I am still 8 shy.

SE:  You can sing any karaoke song and kill it. Which one do you pick?

CL:  The “Marines’ Hymn” is hardly sung by vocal talent but always with passion, including mine!

SE:  Politicians are much maligned in America right now. If you want some love, why not go into the NFL or hip hop?

CL:  Who doesn’t want love? I have no talent for the NFL or hip hop! But seriously, I’m in this race, not to be loved, but for love of country and what that means to my family and yours. When I was deployed to Kosovo to defend the self-determination of others, one realization was clear. Our own national values are under attack and, through the electoral process, I knew someone had to fight to preserve them.

SE:  Who would you want to play you in a movie?

CL:  Good question! Probably my brother – he is probably the most like me but funnier!

SE:  Your house is going up in flames and you can save one (non-living) thing. What is it?

CL:  My 3rd daughter’s stuffed bear “tatiana” – it was the first thing I bought her when she was born and after 13 years she still sleeps with it and brings it when we watch family movies.

SE:  If you can make one promise to voters, what would it be?

CL:  I promise to treat voters with respect and not take their votes for granted, hold the line on government spending and apply proven common-sense solutions.

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