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And now for a lesson in AmeriKos History

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Well, we know the left has been having problems with spelling lately. But how’s their basic historical knowledge? Cuffy Meigs has stumbled upon a very, very intelligent statement by Markos “Kos, the guy from Daily Kos” Moulitsas:

Sarah Palin to supporters: 'Don't party like it's 1773 yet'. She's so smart.

Whoa, what’s that about? Here’s the lede to the LA Times story that super-genius Kos was linking to:

Seeking to channel the sign-bearing, flag-waving enthusiasm of the “tea party” movement into ballot-box victories, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told hundreds of supporters Monday they couldn’t “party like it’s 1773” until Washington was flooded with like-minded conservatives.

Oh, okay. So she was talking about the modern-day Tea Party movement, and referencing the fact that the original Boston Tea Party was in 1773. Which most American kids learn in grade school, don’t they? Maybe Kos didn’t. Or maybe he just forgot. Or maybe he was too lazy to Google “1773” and see “Boston Tea Party” right near the top of the results.

Or maybe he wasn’t being a snotty creep who thought Sarah Palin meant 1776 because he doesn’t know the most basic facts about the country he claims to love. Maybe he was genuinely praising her entirely accurate historical reference.

Nah! He’s just a dumb jerk who thought he had a gotcha and it blew up in his smirking face. And he’s not alone. Be sure to check out Cuffy’s post. He saved the evidence of all the other members of the intelligensia who embarrassed themselves in their rush to mock someone who knew something they didn’t. It is delicious.

Is it a small, petty thing to be pleased about? Maybe, but then, it was a small, petty thing for them to be pleased about when they thought they had something. Consider it an appetizer for Nov. 2!

P.S. Ummm, nice try, Gwen Ifill.

P.P.S. Allahpundit: “I realize that the thought of protesting against taxes is anathema to lefties, but has their memory of the Boston Tea Party really faded that far?”

Jim Treacher