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DCCC stands for Dems Can’t Cpell Correctly

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I don’t want to say Allen West is making the opposition nervous, but check out this little nugget from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new Young Gun: GOP Misfires site:

That’s right, residents of “Flordia.” The DCCC wants you to look out for the scary black man. Forget about the spellcheck, run!!

As for the charge that West is helping bikers mix bathtub crank or whatever, J.P. Friere at the Washington Examiner writes:

As for the claim that West has a strong connection to the Outlaws, the best I can come up with is that he attended and spoke at events where members of the large biker group were in attendance. His emails, “revealed” by NBC News, made clear that when he was holding an event that might include some of the Outlaws, he was reluctant to describe all of them as criminal when a few had “guarded” him. (Did he hire them as guards? I called his campaign to ask.) When confronted about it by NBC News, he noted he didn’t endorse the group. He didn’t denounce them, either, but whatever the case, it doesn’t look like he did the thing he’s being accused of having done.

Remember when people started to wonder why Obama sat in a church for 20 years listening to a pastor who said all kinds of crazy stuff? And why he had a years-long association with a guy from the Weather Underground? And was good pals with a bunch of other kooks? That stuff was supposed to be off the table. Heck, JournoList just about had a meltdown over it. But now things are different. Guilt by association is fine because Allen West is a Republican.

(Headline stolen from the wonderful DC Morning e-mail, which you should sign up to receive each and every ante meridiem.)

P.S. In other Panicky, Amateurish Sloppiness news, it looks like the White House has finally fixed “Deleware” (sic) on their “Summer of Recovery” (sic) map. These guys know what’s best for your state, even if they can’t spell it.

Jim Treacher