DSCC cuts violent anti-Angle ad

Chris Moody Contributor
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A new Democratic Senate Campaign Committee ad depicting a fit young woman beating a punching bag is urging voters not to take their anger at Washington out on Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in November.

“You’re angry. You’re frustrated at Washington,” a voice declares while a woman kicks and punches the living tar out of a hanging bag in a gym.

The ad suggests that if voters elect Angle, the policies she supports will only infuriate them even more.

“Think how much angrier you’ll be if Sharron Angle has her way and Social Security and Medicare are phased out,” the voice continues. “So work that anger out in the ring because voting for Sharron Angle is only going to hurt yourself.”

The Senate Majority Leader’s approval ratings are at an all time low in his state. Just 32 percent of Nevadans say they approve of his job as senator, according to an October poll from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The race is at a statistical dead heat.


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