Let me see ya grill: Celebrity teeth gone wild [SLIDESHOW]

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Yesterday on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kanye West revealed what might be his greatest extravagance yet — diamond teeth.

‘I just thought that diamonds were cooler,’ he said, while flashing his sparkling diamond implants to the host.  Ellen, who looked somewhere between shocked, fascinated and blinded by the bling, asked if they weren’t just grillz.  “It’s my real teeth,” Kanye replied proudly, explaining that he asked his dentist to remove his bottom row of teeth and replace them.

So, to recap: West no longer has teeth attached to his gums, but rather diamonds in the shape of teeth. Wow. Kanye has really gone above and beyond the grillz that have become a standard feature for rappers.  Will others follow suit? Who knows. We’re more interested in finding out if you can floss diamonds.

While Kanye now holds the undisputed position of wildest celebrity teeth on earth, here’s a look at some other star teeth/grillz.

Finally, because, well, why not, here is the video that made grillz such an integral part of pop culture: