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Rachel Maddow sure does love facts

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Here’s Maddow talking about how important facts are to her. Her devotion to them “borders on obsessive”!

One possible reason no one else but Rachel Maddow is talking about a particular story is that the story didn’t actually happen in consensus reality. For example, this one, courtesy of Newsbusters:

In case you missed it, Maddow just accused former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman of having advance notice that the Oklahoma City bombing was going to happen.

Here are a couple of facts, of the sort Maddow says she reveres:

  1. No, Steve Stockman did not have advance knowledge of the bombing. He received a “cryptic fax” referring to the bombing about an hour after it happened. He then turned the fax over to the FBI, who later said his office acted appropriately.
  2. Just a few months ago, Maddow herself said Stockman received the fax after the bombing.

Before the bombing, after the bombing… People can be so nitpicky about the smallest of details! And that’s a fact.

P.S. “It was an editing error.” And it’s our fault for noticing. Does it really count as an apology if you use it to take a shot at the people keeping you honest? Good enough for MSNBC, apparently.

Jim Treacher