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Rachel Maddow ‘apologizes’ for ‘editing error,’ mocks those who kept her honest

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Yes, Rachel, when you go on national TV — or even MSNBC — and say that a member of Congress had advance knowledge of a mass murder, it might raise a few eyebrows. And tempers. It’s a bit more serious than an “editing error.”

Does it really count as an apology if you use it to mock the people who pointed out you were wrong? It’s good enough for her bosses, apparently. Too bad she couldn’t put away her pride for the 30 seconds it would’ve taken to avoid coming off like a smirking, thin-skinned crank, seething at being forced to concede a point to her inferiors.

(Hat tip: Real Clear Politics)

P.S. Jack Coleman at Newsbusters: “Am I the only extremely angry conservative blogger walking with a bounce in my step today knowing I influence the content of Maddow’s show? I doubt it.” (I’d be doing so if I could walk, but that’s a whole other story…) Coleman also points out that this was an editing error in much the same sense that “Dewey Defeats Truman” was a typo, and speculates that maybe now MSNBC’s lawyers will start looking at Maddow’s copy before she goes on the air with it. Wouldn’t that mean downgrading her show to once a week?

P.P.S. And the Award for Most Sanctimonious Non-Apology of the Week Goes To…

Jim Treacher