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Rob Reiner’s IQ goes to 11

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Last night I happened to catch my first full episode of Real Time with Bill Maher in years. Since the first episode, actually. He’s always been a sneering lefty who never lets an inconvenient fact break his stride, but I didn’t realize how mirthlessly strident he’s become. Watching his monologue answered a question I’ve often wondered: What would happen if you crossed Johnny Carson with Lord Haw-Haw and dipped the result in a vat of gonorrhea? His entire act is, “I know more than the stupid people who disagree with me, and occasionally some of it is even true.”

Last night’s episode turned out to be a doozy. Here was the lowlight of the evening, courtesy of Mediaite (hat tip to Hot Air):

The great thing is that the people who agree with him think this sort of outburst is a sign of strength. And apparently nobody else on the panel had a problem with what he said, or they would’ve chimed in.

I looked up Reiner’s latest movie to make sure I don’t see it by accident, and it looks like the rest of the world is way ahead of me.

But Rob, I wish you nothing but the best in these trying times. Don’t worry, it’s not that the Democrats are imploding. Their appeal is just becoming more selective.

P.S. Ameripundit sums it up: “Nothing says National Socialism like a bunch of limited government, anti-central authoritarian activists who despise nationalization and the running of other people’s lives.”

P.P.S. Last August, Reiner shopped his latest flick at the Heartland Film Festival in my hometown of Indianapolis. Now he says the same people are a bunch of ignorant Nazis. Guess it’s our fault his movie bombed.

Jim Treacher