GOP DC Congressional delegate candidate accuses Planned Parenthood staff of witchcraft

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Washington, D.C., Republican congressional delegate candidate Missy Reilly Smith said she is going to move her graphic pro-life advertisements from local broadcast television to cable network television on Wednesday for the final six days of the campaign.

Smith said she plans to run her ads, which feature grotesque images of aborted fetuses and their bloody body parts, eight times a day on cable television from Wednesday through the Election Day on Tuesday. Her advertisements are so graphic that YouTube removed them from its site, but because of equal time election advertising provisions, broadcast outlets are required to give her the option of buying time.

Smith said she’s also highly opposed to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

“The more that you’re involved in this organization [Planned Parenthood] the more demonic you realize it is,” Smith said. “Many of the employees of Planned Parenthood and abortion mills, the actual killing centers, the employees are actual witches. They belong to Wiccan and there’s nothing more valuable to Satan than the blood of innocent babies.”

WATCH: Smith’s first ad

As of Tuesday, Smith will have run her ads 35 times on D.C.-area broadcast television. Since she has come into the national spotlight for her graphic campaign advertising, she told The Daily Caller she has raised $40,000 to run her ads more often, adding that she plans to use “every penny” of her fundraising haul to do that.

To win an election as a Republican inside the Beltway, though, is pretty tough, and even Smith acknowledges that.

“I’ve already won in my own mind whether I get the votes or not because what I’ve really done successfully is get the word out that abortion is murder,” Smith told TheDC in a phone interview. “It would be just icing on the cake if I did win because my opponent is for federally funded abortion, child-killing, which is totally immoral.”

WATCH: Smith’s second ad

Her purpose for running for the office, she said, was solely so she could use election advertising laws in her favor to get her word out. That remains her primary focus, even after she took 87 percent of the Republican vote in the District’s primary. Nonetheless, she definitely would not mind winning.

“I believe there a lot of joyful little babies that were murdered in a very ugly gruesome way in heaven that are joyful,” Smith said. “I feel that, no matter what, I haven’t lost.”

Smith believes the only way to stop abortion in America is for “America to see abortion,” referencing Father Frank Pavone of Priests For Life.

Smith told TheDC that, though she has been a pro-life advocate for more than a decade, she never tried running any kind of graphic anti-abortion advertisement before now, saying the television networks just wouldn’t allow it.

Smith’s pro-life politics came later in life, too – she had two abortions herself when she was younger, something she admits to voters in her advertisements.

Matthew Boyle