Kolb unable to seize starting quarterback job

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NASHVILLE – Watch out. Kenny Britt just scored again. The Eagles’ coaches still have not made an adjustment, but they will. There is still time.

Or maybe not.

The Eagles never adjusted to Britt, and as a result, the Tennessee Titans ran them out of LP Field on Sunday, scoring 27 unanswered points to win, 37-19. It was a colossal fourth-quarter collapse that dropped the Eagles to a disappointing 4-3 heading into the bye week, with Indianapolis up next.

There is, however, one major adjustment that Andy Reid will make for the Colts game. It is not changing his defensive coordinator or his right cornerback – although the argument is building to do just that – but it could help the team discover how to decisively close a game, a skill they’ve sorely lacked in recent weeks.

Michael Vick will be back starting at quarterback on Nov. 7. Kevin Kolb will be on the bench. It is official. (Until it isn’t. Just ask Reid.)

Part of the collateral damage from Sunday’s loss was that Kolb was unable to regain the starting job he lost to Vick after Vick played so successfully while Kolb was on the bench with a concussion earlier this season. Maybe Kolb never had a chance to earn his job back. Maybe Reid was set on returning Vick to the lineup whenever Vick’s sore ribs would allow it.

Full story: Ashley Fox: Kolb unable to seize starting quarterback job | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/25/2010