DSCC ad says Republican John Raese should run for Senate in Florida, not West Virginia

Jessica Puente Contributor
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The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new ad attacking GOP senate candidate John Raese for being “out of touch” with West Virginians and being more involved in Florida.

The ad, called “Florida,” says, “The Raeses signed an official form calling Florida their home, his wife even registered to vote there, so maybe he should be Florida’s senator.”

It criticizes Raese for opposing the minimum wage and costing West Virginia jobs by siding with China on trade.

The ad ends by saying Raese’s plan for West Virginia might be ok with the “CEO’s at the club in Florida” but he is “out of touch” with West Virginians.

Former Democratic West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd died earlier this year. West Virginia law declares the election to replace Byrd would not be held until 2012, but West Virginia legislature moved the election up.

Raese and Democratic opponent Joe Manchin are in a tight race for the Senate seat. The latest poll, released Monday, has Manchin leading by six points.

UPDATE: “There’s nothing more pathetic than a desperate politician. Given the fact Joe Manchin rubber stamped Obamacare, the failed stimulus and cap and trade its no surprise he has such little regard for the truth,” Kevin McLaughlin, Raese’s press secretary, told The Daily Caller in an e-mail.

McLaughlin further argued that the ad makes false accusations against Raese. Raese, he said, is listed as “Owner Non-Resident” in Florida in the appraiser’s records.

“Raese’s campaign biography and independent press reports indicate that he is a longtime West Virginia resident,” McLaughlin said.