Harry Reid accuses Sharron Angle of voter suppression

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Days before the election, the Nevada Senate race is increasingly turning ugly with Majority Leader Harry Reid’s campaign accusing GOP opponent Sharron Angle of voter suppression and calling her a liar.

In an angry e-mail to supporters, Reid’s campaign manager Brandon Hall responded to allegations from the Angle camp that the Democrat was engaged in voter fraud and bribing people for votes.

“Now Sharron Angle is fabricating stories about ‘voter fraud.’ These tales are lies, and she knows it,” Hall said. “But she’s doing it in order to hide her campaign’s organized effort to intimidate voters – especially minority voters. Her operatives are flooding polling places, handing out disgusting literature, even running ads outright telling minority voters to stay away from the polls.”

The race is one of the most closely watched in the nation as Republicans are eager to bounce the top Senate Democrat while Reid’s party is trying to rally around him.

Despite Hall’s suggestion that Angle is accusing Reid of voter fraud because she “is losing, and she knows it,” most recent polls have shown the Republican with a slim lead.