Manchin offers toy laser gun in contest that calls Raese ‘crazy’

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Democratic West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is looking for voters — but not for his U.S. Senate race against Republican John Raese.

In a contest pushed today on his campaign website, Manchin is asking people to vote for their best video depicting Raese as a “Crazy” movie villain.  The winner will receive an autographed toy “laser blasters.”

All three options are based around a speech Raese gave in which the candidate appears to tell a crowd that “we need to put 1,000 laser systems in the sky and we need it right now.”

Two of the three videos suggest Raese is part of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars, as Darth Vader’s famous “Imperial March” plays in the background. Several images have Raese depicted as a stormtrooper. In one of these Star Wars-themed videos, Manchin appears to shoot down a Empire fighter jet with his .22 rifle.

The final video jumps between clips of Raese’s speeches and clips from the movie “Austin Powers.”

The Raese campaign, however, is not laughing at the stunt.

“Maybe Joe Manchin can’t stop laughing at the nearly 50,000 West Virginians [that] have lost their jobs,” said spokesman Kevin McLaughlin to The Daily Caller. “Does Gov. Manchin really think a strong national defense is crazy? No, Joe, supporting Obamacare is crazy. $13 trillion debt is crazy. Cap and trade is crazy.”

McLaughlin also referenced a widening investigation of Manchin’s administration, which has become more public even as the latest Rasmussen poll has the governor inching ahead of Raese.