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TheDC’s Ruth Graham reads Rick Sanchez’s book so you don’t have to

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Pretty much, yeah.

CNN fired Rick Sanchez for calling Jon Stewart a bigot and ranting about how the Jews run everything. And why did Sanchez say that? Because Stewart made fun of him for being dumb. As TheDC’s Ruth Graham points out, Sanchez made those comments while promoting his new book. What’s the book called? Conventional Idiocy. Do you see a theme beginning to emerge here?

You’re never going to read Sanchez’s tome on his only area of expertise, nor should you. But you need to read Ruth’s review of it right now. Here’s a snippet:

Let’s start at the beginning: “Conventional Idiocy” is dedicated to you! Or, specifically, “to the hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace who believe that by connecting with one another, we can change the world for the better.” First you were named Time’s person of the year, and now this. You’re really on a roll…

What is this book about, you, the main character, ask? I wish I knew! It seems to be about the revolutionary nature of social media, how you are sick of politics as usual, and other topics that crossed Rick Sanchez’s mind during commercial breaks until he got distracted by the sparkly lights.

Even more exciting, and by exciting I mean excruciating, the book is written almost entirely in the second person. It’s mostly about the things you’re saying to Rick Sanchez. “You say your money’s being wasted!” Sanchez writes. It’s true, I do! “You tell me about America’s elected officials and how their proxies don’t actually communicate.” I’m not sure what I meant by that! “You’ve told me to ask questions and ‘follow the money.’” Well, I do tend to speak in clichés…

Usually I don’t like kicking a guy when he’s down. But Ruth’s not actually kicking him, just typing words that he wouldn’t understand anyway. Go read it already. And if anybody can put me in touch with Doc Brown, Ruth’s going to review Olbermann’s book next and I don’t want to wait.

Jim Treacher