Meek says Crist campaign is pushing drop-out rumor, says he will stay in Florida contest until the end

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Kendrick Meek has come out against the Charlie Crist campaign, whom the Democratic candidate blames for the recent rumors that Meek considered dropping out of the senate race in Florida after discussions with Bill Clinton.

“It seems to be a part of the Crist strategy, said Meek on CNN. ” … the pathways of victory is for me to sell out the people of the state of Florida.”

Meek said that the Crist campaign began spreading the rumors as soon as Meek had won the Democratic nomination.

“He needs to be focused on his own campaign,” said Meek.
Following a press conference late Thursday night, Meek has taken to the Friday morning shows to emphatically deny any reports that is he and the former President ever considered a possibility deal. Meek said he and Clinton merely discussed the reports that were coming from the Crist campaign.

According to a recent POLITICO piece, the former President campaigned for Meek earlier in the month, although privately, Clinton attempted to convince the trailing candidate to drop out of the race.

Meek, who is currently polling at about 15 percent said that while he and Clinton did have a discussion regarding the potential options, saying that “we had a conversation in Orlando, we talked about it.” The candidate, however, denies that he or the former President ever made a play at taking-one-for-the-team.

Meek said Clinton “never asked me to get out of the race” and that he “never told [Clinton] that I was going to get out of the race.”

“I’m not playing politics,” said Meek. “I’m not doing backroom deals. I’m running for United States Senate.”

Meanwhile, Crist appeared on CNBC to say that he had had a conversation with “president Clinton’s people” last week.

“They made a valiant attempt to try to do what they thought what was right for the country,” said Crist referring to the supposed deal between Clinton and Meek.

As for the the former president, he’s now begun taking hits for his meddling in yet another Democratic race.

In connecting the dots, Crist referred to Clinton’s comments from the night before in which the former president confirmed that he and Meek did have conversations throughout the campaign.

“And we’ll leave it at that,” said Crist.