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When I’m on a plane and I see a bomb dressed as a toner cartridge, I get nervous

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Hot Air:

TSA has begun searching several planes in the US after British officials discovered a bomb on a Yemen-to-US cargo flight. The bomb was disguised in a toner cartridge, and the UPS flight was due to land in Chicago today… These reports are preliminary, of course, but the Yemen connection strongly hints at al-Qaeda.

This is a public notice: I’m not having any unapproved thoughts about what sort of person or group might be behind this. Not until I get approval from NPR and Greg Sargent.

Unless it’s teabaggers, in which case I toldja so.

P.S. Things happen fast on Twitter:

P.P.S. Andy Levy: “Of course, it goes without saying that not all packages are suspicious. The vast majority of packages are good packages.”

Jim Treacher