Conservative women fight election fraud

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This election season, the conservative women’s group, The Kitchen Cabinet, has announced that it will have representatives in all fifty states monitoring the elections Tuesday to ensure a fair process.

With voter fraud allegations already being reported in places like Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada, The Kitchen Cabinet — a nonprofit 501 c-3 organization — plans to combat Election Day fraud by acting as the go-to group for reports of voter suppression, intimidation, and general malfeasance.

According to The Kitchen Cabinet president, Los Angeles media consultant Sonja Eddings Brown, since there is no organized Republican National Committee (RNC) poll watching initiative this year, The Kitchen Cabinet plans to fill that void by bringing women from other conservative groups into the anti-fraud effort and by acting as a clearinghouse for allegations of voter fraud across the country.

“Every leading conservative woman and leader in the country is forming a line with The Kitchen Cabinet so that we can get out the vote on Tuesday and guard the polls,” Brown told The Daily Caller.

Brown noted that In addition to the conservative and Tea Party groups that have joined with The Kitchen Cabinet, the group has another 11,000 – 12,000 women who have signed up on the group’s website.

The Kitchen Cabinet also is encouraging voters throughout the country to call their election day hotline (775 FRAUD 10) with any tips or concerns about the election process.

“We are connected with legal election defense teams across the country that are already deployed and we will be moving that information directly to them,” Brown said.

While tamping down voter fraud is key and The Kitchen Cabinet is reaching out to a number of mainstream conservative organizations, the group is making a concerted effort to ensure the woman-centric nature of their initiative.

Throughout the day November 2, the organization will be broadcasting live from the web to bring up to the minute election updates to and from conservative women across the nation. According to the group, updates and reminders on Facebook will also play a part in bringing women into the process.

“From all the evidence that we are seeing, there is going to be a tsunami of economically conservative women crossing all party lines marching to the polls on Tuesday,” Brown said. “We are linking arms and forming a line at The Kitchen Cabinet and we are coordinating in a way that has never been done — that I have seen — among conservative women.”