Republican Connecticut Senate candidate McMahon: Race in a ‘dead heat’

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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GOP Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon said Monday that internal polls show her locked in a dead heat with Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

“I am finding that more and more of the undecided vote is coming my way,” said McMahon on Fox News. “As I talk to them, they just kind of want to have that last outreach as I stress what I would like to do to create jobs.”

Polls outside of the candidate’s circle, however, paint a different picture. The latest Rasmussen poll out Monday shows Blumenthal with a 7 point lead over McMahon at 53 to 46 percent and a final Quinnipiac poll out today show Democrat ahead 53 to 44 percent.

The same polls indicate that most people have made up their minds, with 1 percent and 3 to 5 percent of voters saying they are undecided, respectively. McMahon has, however, improved a little. A Rasmussen poll last week had the Republican candidate down by 13 points.

In an email to supporters, McMahon responds to the Quinnipiac poll calling the results outdated.

“… Today’s Quinnipiac poll missed the full impact of the surge because a substantial portion of its interviews were conducted a week ago,” said McMahon. “In the course of less than a week, we have seen an influx of support among women and disaffected Democrats who are convinced Linda will help put the economy back on track and create jobs.”