Paul: Government ‘broken,’ Dems and GOP ‘untrustworthy’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for Kentucky’s Senate seat, said Tuesday that neither party has earned the trust of voters and that government is “broken.”

Paul has been putting some distance between himself and Democrat Jack Conway over the past week and, according to recent polls, appears to be headed for victory today. The Republican, a Tea Party favorite, said he would not come to Washington to simply support the GOP agenda.

While Paul said that he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agree on “a lot of things,” the GOP candidate stated that he would “challenge” the top Senate Republican.

Paul called government “broken from top to bottom,” and said that it was not just a problem with one party or the other. “I see these as big governmental issues,” he said, “not just who’s in charge of this or that.”

“I think both sides, not just Republicans, not just Democrats, have both shown themselves to be untrustworthy,” he said on CNN.

Expressing that distrust, Paul called for a balanced budget amendment because “I don’t think they’ll step and do it unless we force them to do it by law.”

Though Paul called for “compromise between Republicans and Democrats” when it came to where to cut spending, he also dodged the question of whether or not a new Congress would get bogged down in gridlock.