A mixed bag for the year of the Republican women

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There was a great deal of buzz this election cycle about the preponderance of Republican women who had thrown their hats into the ring — indeed some even went so far as to declare 2010 the year of the GOP woman.

Despite the great proportion of high-profile Republican women in competitive Senate, House and gubernatorial races, the ladies’ fate was a mixed bag Tuesday night.

“Mama Grizzlies” cheered victories from the likes of New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte, South Carolina gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley, and Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin. They were forced to stomach, however, the defeats of Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon, California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle.

Nevertheless according to one of the leaders of the movement, Sarah Palin, all of these developments have been positive for women.

The first female Republican presidential nominee appeared on Fox News’ Election Headquarters Tuesday night along side the first female vice-presidential nominee, Democrat Geraldine Ferraro, Megyn Kelly, and Brett Baier to provide election analysis.

Sarah Palin expressed her pleasure at seeing all the strong women enter elections, following in the footsteps of women like Ferraro. She lamented, however, the remnants of backward and sexist thinking.

“There are still the Neanderthals out there, who pick on the petty little superficial things like looks, and whether you can or can’t work outside the home if you have small children, all those kinds of things,” Palin said. “I would so hope that at some point those Neanderthals would evolve into something a bit more with it, a bit more modern, and a bit more understanding that yeah, women can accomplish much.”

Megyn Kelly wrapped up the segment by encouraging other women and girls watching to enter the arena.

“I think it is great for little girls watching right now, seeing women from both parties, strong, confident, smart – There is no glass ceiling, girls, bust it wide open like the women before you!” Kelly said.