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If you want to know why the New York Times leads the way, look no further

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It’s because of headlines like this:

Victories Suggest Wider Appeal of Tea Party

Well, that sure is a bold statement. That’s how you sell newspapers. You make the prospective reader say, “How does the biggest midterm wave since the premiere of Love Finds Andy Hardy suggest something about the popularity of the winners? I’d better read this article and find out!”

In other election news, I have no other election news. After doing two liveblogs in four days, it’s difficult for me to form semblances. Er, I mean fort sentences. Never mind. It’s a good kind of exhaustion, though. While I try to restore my sanity, check out our morning-after liveblog. It’s like the morning-after pill, except made of words and without the shame-filled cab ride home.

Jim Treacher