Massachusetts voters repeal alcohol sales tax

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It took more than $2 million, but Massachusetts consumers got it: cheaper beer.

The effort to repeal the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax on alcohol was the only ballot measure that prevailed in Tuesday’s election. The Vote Yes on One Committee, the campaign that was pushing the initiative, convinced communities across the state that eliminating the tax — in place for just over a year — would put more money in their pockets and help local liquor stores better compete with tax-free New Hampshire.

“I’m thrilled with the vote. We were losing 8 percent of our business,’’ said John Harrington, who put up thank-you signs yesterday at his store in Chelmsford, Harrington Wine & Liquors. “Now we look forward to our customers coming back.’’

The alcohol industry, which contributed the vast majority of the nearly $2.5 million to the Vote Yes on One Committee, far outspent the opposition. Beer giant Anheuser-Busch contributed $88,110, and the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts gave nearly $300,000.

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