Christie again denies 2012 presidential run

Vince Coglianese Contributor
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TRENTON, N.J. – With the midterm elections behind us, some are already looking toward 2012, and there’s a lot of talk about a possible presidential run by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

His stance on tax cuts, smaller government, and a willingness to stand up to unions are some of the reasons why he’s become one of the heroes of the Republican Party.

But the governor is saying once again that he will not be making a bid in 2012.

“I’ve said I don’t want to. I’m not going to. There is zero chance I will,” Christie told reporters Wednesday. “I don’t feel like I’m ready to be president. I don’t want to run for president. I don’t have the fire in the belly to run for president. But, yet, everyone seems to think that I’ve left the door open a little bit. But I don’t – short of suicide, I don’t really know what I’d have to do to convince you people that I’m not running. I’m not running.”

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