Voters doubt Obama and House Republicans can work together

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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It doesn’t matter if an upcoming summit features Slurpees or Singapore Slings, voters don’t think President Obama can work with the new Republican-led House, according to a new poll.

Surveying likely voters just after Obama’s post-election speech about the divided Congress, Rasmussen found that 56 percent are not very confident the president can work with House Republicans to do “what’s best for the American people.” Of that 56 percent, 24 percent of likely voters said they were not confident at all.

Despite the message sent to the party in power, 75 percent of self-identified Democrats said they think it’s possible for the parties to have a good working relationship. This stands in stark contrast to self-identified Republicans, 83 percent of whom said compromise was unlikely.

One GOP leader, however, expressed confidence that Republicans and the president can work together — while simultaneously giving the slightest little jab.

“Just because we have differences on whether it was a good idea to try to turn America into France in two years doesn’t mean that the president can’t take a new path and address some of the issues he indicated in the past he may share our view on,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to the Wall Street Journal.