Chris Christie irks NBC’s David Gregory by calling him an advocate

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie irked NBC’s David Gregory — and probably won over more conservatives weary of the media in the process — by suggesting on “Meet the Press” that the host was acting as an advocate for Democrats in the way he spoke about taxes.

Christie, a Republican known for his tell-it-like-it-is attitude, disagreed with Gregory’s characterization of the looming battle in Congress over the Bush years tax structure as “tax cuts.”

Christie, saying such word choice drives him “crazy,” said: “This is maintaining the current tax policy in a weak economy, and what you’re advocating through your question is…”

Gregory interrupted: “That’s not fair. I’m not advocating. I’m questioning whether or not they have to be paid for.”

Christie shot back saying the debate over taxes is not about whether to make cuts, but rather is about whether Congress wants to raise taxes during a bad economy.

Also during the interview, Christie called the Tea Party movement a “net positive” for the GOP, though he suggested that voters could have nominated a candidate with a better shot at winning in at least one state. “I think Delaware was a missed opportunity to have a really good United States Senator in Mike Castle,” he said, referencing the race Republican Christine O’Donnell lost. “And that’s why I endorsed him in the primary.”

Christie, as he has done in previous interviews, also ruled out running for president or vice president in 2012, but not necessarily after that. “I’m gonna need a job, David, after 2013, you know?  And so, whether it’s gonna be being governor of New Jersey or doing something else, I have four kids between seven and 17.  I’m working the rest of my life anyway.  So, always gotta be doing something, David.  So, maybe it’ll be that.  Who knows?”