Could Alvin Greene be on the 2012 Republican presidential ticket?

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In the wake of his failed Senate bid, Alvin Greene is seriously considering a run for the presidency — as a Republican.

“We will have a Greene/Obama showdown in 2012,” Greene told The Daily Caller. “Especially with how the Democrats did with the U.S. Senate campaign, you know this past summer,” he said referring to his current party’s abandonment of his campaign in South Carolina.

Greene said he is gathering information about the process, and that there’s a distinct possibility of a Greene for 2012 campaign. Like his Senate campaign, which focused on the mantra “DeMint started the recession,” Greene’s presidential platform would be focused on the economy.

“This past election they reelected the people that started the recession,” he said. “They are rewarding the folks that started it. Such as my [former] opponent who played an integral part in starting the recession.”

Greene said that the people who aided him during his Senate campaign will likely help him attain his new aspiration.

So serious is the the former candidate about his political future, Greene told TheDC Tuesday that rather than seeking employment, he will focus on his presidential bid.

“This will be my full-time job,” he said. Greene said potential 2012 supporters could donate to his Senate campaign website, alvingreeneforussenator.com.

“It will be a political heavyweight boxing match,” Greene said.