What is Bristol Palin’s secret to Dancing With the Stars success? [SLIDESHOW]

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What is it that makes ‘Bristol the Pistol,’ as her mother calls her, seemingly bulletproof?

Week after week, she has survived the dramatic eliminations on Dancing With the Stars despite her consistent presence at the bottom of the leader board, with Vegas now giving her 10-1 odds to win it all (compared to 35-1 back in September).

Granted, Bristol had a number of factors propelling her forward when she started the show:  her two-time winning partner, Mark Ballas, her sweet disposition, apparent blissful ignorance of the hype around her and the memory in voter’s minds of how well she handled being in the spotlight during a presidential campaign, seventeen and pregnant.

Then, of course, at the top of that list is her famous mother. Sarah Palin’s popularity, which has soared in the past few months, has increased the number of votes Bristol could receive from her mother’s fan base by who knows how much.   Just before the mid-term elections, one site even said: “Bristol is the only Palin you could vote for this week” (via NY Post).

Even with such momentum, though, no one could have imagined Bristol getting to the final five.  Obviously, the secret of Bristol’s success remains just that, and we doubt even Bristol knows why she’s hung around for so long. But if not her mother, it’s that uncertainty she expresses coupled with her unaffected nature that will keep her in it — at least for another week.

Here is a look back at here most memorable moments from the show thus far: