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Fair Game: fairly lame

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Our own Jamie Weinstein has a terrific review/dismantling of Hollywood’s latest libsploitation flick, Fair Game. The movie purports to be the story of American heroes Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame as they save the world from the malevolent Karl Rove and his various puppets, including but not limited to George W. Bush. But as Weinstein puts it:

It is an equation that is as certain as two plus two equals four: Sean Penn + Iraq War + Hollywood movie = something less than the truth.

He then goes on to prove it, debunking the four main myths underpinning the story and interviewing director Doug Liman, who doesn’t know nearly as much about “the Plame Affair” as he thinks he does.

The movie’s only in limited release

…so it remains to be seen whether it’ll earn more than Hollywood’s previous entry in the “America Sucks” genre, the Matt Damon mega-flop Green Zone. They keep making these stupid movies and they keep bombing. It’s as if the less the general public cares about their conspiracy theories and paranoid fantasies, the more convinced they are of their own braveness and iconoclasm.

But hey, it’s their money.

P.S. A while back, I had a little fun with how publicity-shy Wilson & Plame are. Enjoy.

Jim Treacher