The Obama Republicans

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The silver lining of the 60 seat (and counting) loss by House Democrats in the 2010 election is that they are likely to have a fair number of targets on friendly ground come 2012.

All told, 63 Republicans in the 112th Congress will hold seats that President Obama carried in 2008 and, of that group, 13 will hold seats that Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) also won in the 2004 presidential race. (The full list of seats is after the jump.)

Those five dozen seats are where Democrats will begin their campaign to take back the majority in 2012 — and perhaps beyond. The party — as of today at least — needs a 21-seat pickup to reclaim the majority; in each of the last three elections the winning party has picked up more than that number.

The bulk of what we call “Obama Republican” seats are in large states — several of which President Obama is nearly certain to carry in 2012.

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