Bristol Palin: A klutz to the judges, a dancing dream to ‘the people’

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Is it . . . a plot? As Jimmy Kimmel put it: “Is there a tea party conspiracy?”

Or is it a collusion of like-minded people across this land, hurling buttered monkey wrenches into the works and sitting back for a laugh?

To the last question, we answer: Of course! D’oh. How else could Bristol Palin still be on Dancing With the Stars?

Bristol’s the daughter of reality-TV host, Fox News commentator, author, former Alaska governor, former GOP VP candidate, and inspirational speaker Sarah Palin. Next week on DWTS, Bris-Bris goes up against her last three foes: Disney’s Kyle Massey, who works hard; Brandy, who can actually dance slightly; and Jennifer Grey, who’ll probably lose because she is a terrific, blessed dancer. If Bristol’s still dancing after this week, well, you’ll know why.

She’s likable. She looks as if she agrees she shouldn’t be there. She gets stinky scores – and then “The People” vote for her. She’s not supposed to win, and thousands of high schoolers and college kids think it’d be funny if she did.

No! say the paranoid theorists. It’s Right Wing Tea Party robo-calls! A sneaky way to keep mommy Sarah in the news, win unsuspecting hearts to her cause, goose her all the way to the White House in 2012.

On Salon, Technorati, and other big websites, that seems to be the meme.

Full story: Sideshow: Bristol Palin: A klutz to the judges, a dancing dream to ‘the people’ | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/13/2010