Reps. Lummis and Franks call on NPR CEO Vivian Schiller to resign over Juan Williams firing

Wyoming Republican Cynthia Lummis is calling for the resignation of National Public Radio Chief Executive Vivian Schiller.

Lummis is collecting signatures for a letter to Schiller requesting a meeting with her in December, and asking her to step down due to NPR’s firing of Juan Williams.

“Your action in terminating the employment of Juan Williams over a personal, and honest viewpoint which he expressed as part of a national discussion constitutes a serious breach of the public’s trust,” the letter reads.

It continues, “Your actions jeopardize NPR’s credibility as a news organization and the expectation of openness that underlies its public funding.”

One of the letter’s signers, Arizona Republican Trent Franks, has suggested that George Soros take over the funding of NPR in its entirety.

“Since just [last] month radical liberal George Soros gave $1.8 million to NPR, and NPR has once and for all invalidated any claim to journalistic neutrality or professional credibility, I believe it’s time we left the entire job of funding NPR to him, and that, accordingly, NPR should never, ever again receive one more penny of taxpayers’ money.”

Colorado Republican Doug Lamborn has sponsored legislation to end taxpayer funding of PBS and NPR once Republicans enter the House with a majority the bill will likely enjoy more support than it did this year.